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Kerity - Penmarc'h... right by the sea.
Ster Beach - Plage du Ster

Ster Beach - 'Plage du Ster' (stretching from Kerity to Guilvinec)
5 km of sand, all south-facing. This long sandy beach is ideal for families: people passionate about watersports, swimming, diving or even those who love to wander the beach gathering free shellfish. Often, the water is wonderfully flat, and it is particularly safe for children.

Pors Carn Beach - Plage de Pors Carn

Pors Carn Beach - 'Plage de Pors Carn' (at Saint Guénolé)
2 km of sand, facing west. This beach is at the start of Audierne Bay, part of a protected area of natural beauty that attracts those who appreciate nature and wild, open spaces. The waves, on the other hand, attract surfers, kite-surfers and windsurfers.

There are swimming zones watched by lifeguards during the summer season on both beaches. For the disabled, there is the option of a tiralo (that helps you into the sea at Plage du Ster) and a handiquatro (to go out along the waters of Pors Carn). These are available from the lifeguard posts.

Getting out on the water
Sailing in Kerity

Courses for beginners or improvers (sailing dinghies, catamarans, windsurfing) and windsurf or boat hire.

Centre Nautique
plage du Ster - Tel. 02 98 58 64 87

Centre Nautique
plage de la Grève Blanche - Le Guilvinec - Tel. 06 62 63 56 20
There are also fun courses for those aged 4-10, such as outings to the reefs of 'Les Etocs', sea-fishing plus placing and fetching up lobster pots.

Windsurf in Kerity

Kayak, windsurf and catamaran hire

Speed évasion
plage du Ster - Tel. 02 98 58 56 20 / 06 62 63 56 20

Kayak in Kerity

Hiring a kayak or motorboat, or getting a boat licence

Loc Pêche Promenade
port de plaisance - Loctudy - Tel. 02 98 87 40 14 / 06 10 44 11 49

Sea outings in Kerity

Sea-fishing, boat licences, outings to the offshore reefs of 'Les Etocs'

18 rue Marcel Sembat - Le Guilvinec - Tel. 06 17 82 48 56

Sailing trips (2 ½ hours around the offshore reef of 'Les Etocs')

Centre nautique
plage de la Grève Blanche - Le Guilvinec - Tel. 02 98 58 56 20 / 06 62 63 56 20

Diving in Kerity


Underwater club - Club subaquatique
Penmarc'h - Tel. 02 98 58 55 76
This club offers an all-year-round opportunity to discover the underwater world, swimming in the sea, and accompanied trips for the more experienced diver.

Surf in Kerity

Surfing, kite-surfing, sand-yachting, kayaking

Ecole de surf de Bretagne
Pointe de la Torche - Plomeur - Tel. 02 98 58 53 80

Marinas in Kerity

Kerity - Tel. 02 98 58 50 43
Saint-Pierre - Tel. 02 98 58 60 19

Other outdoor activities
Hiking in Kerity

Walking and hiking
From the Escale Bleue, you can get onto 2 cycle routes, based on old railway tracks so they are not too strenuous. They take you to the Plage du Ster, St-Guénolé or Le Guilvinec.
Whether you're on foot, bike or horseback, you can make the most of the 32 km of paths and walks that thread through and around the area of Penmarc'h. These routes are fairly flat and easily accessible, even for families. For a detailed plan of the area and its walks, simply ask at the Tourist Office.

Outdoor markets in Kerity and Penmarc'h

Outdoor Markets
Kerity : Wednesday from 9 to 12.30 am from 16th June to 15th September.
St-Guénolé : Friday from 8 to 12 am, all year round.
St-Pierre : Monday from 4.30 to 7.30 pm from 1st July to 31st August.
Le Guilvinec : Tuesday and Sunday mornings all year round.
Pont-L'Abbé : Thursdays all day, all year round.

Eckmühl lighthouse in Saint-Pierre (Penmarc'h)

Visiting the Eckmühl Lighthouse
Place Maréchal Davout - Saint-Pierre - Tel. 06 07 21 37 34
Purpose: this lighthouse serves the most south-westerly point of Finistère. Height: 65 metres - Number of steps: 307 - Range of light: 30 km - Illumination: 5 second rotation
Whenever the light is not visible, a foghorn is used instead.
Opening: 1st April to 30th September, every day from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm.
Last visit: 30 min before closing (visits not possible in rain or strong winds)

Fish-tinning factory in Saint-Guenole

Guided visit to a fish-tinning factory

Conserverie Océane Alimentaire
Saint-Guénolé - Tel. 02 98 58 43 04
Visits in July and August Monday to Friday at 11 am.
Don't miss the tinned 'rillettes de poissons' and the crêpes (local pancakes)

Fishing - just for pleasure

Those who love fishing will love Penmarc'h and its vast accessible waters, open to all levels of ability.

Line fishing in Kerity

Line fishing can be done in the 'zone maritime' (off the jetty, off the rocks of St Guénolé, and in Audierne Bay) or with a river-fishing licence (our region is particularly rich in salmon and trout).

Sea fishing in Kerity

As for sea-fishing, you can hire a boat or go out with professional fishermen.

18 rue Marcel Sembat - Le Guilvinec - Tel. 06 17 82 48 56

Fishing on foot in Kerity

The French also love 'pêche à pied', which is when you take a bucket and go fishing on foot, walking out at low-tide to dig up winkles, crabs, prawns, mussels and other delights from the exposed sand. Do check with the local tourist office that there are no restrictions - then go and collect some fresh seafood !


The real fishing experience : to book, call Penmarc'h Tourist Office: Tel. 02 98 58 81 44

Saint-Guenole fishing port (Penmarc'h)

Saint-Guénolé fishing port is France's foremost sardine port, and the 5th French fishing port in terms of volume: in 2007, nearly 12 000 tonnes were unloaded, mostly langoustines, monkfish and sardines, but also pollock, ray and turbot.
The life of a port takes its rhythm from the arrival of fishing boats, the unloading and the fish-sales. Day after day, you can enjoy the spectacle of fish and shellfish being unloaded onto the quayside and ready for the auction: at 6.30 am, the sardine boats come back; at 4.30 pm it's time for the coastal fishing boats to unload their catch of the day, then from 7pm the sea-fishing boats empty their holds, showing their haul from the last ten days or more that will then be sold the following morning.

Return of the coastal fishers at Saint-Guenole (Penmarc'h)

Guided visit to see the return of the coastal fishers
Learn about the port, the types of fish that can be caught off the coast, plus the fish auction. Tuesday and Thursday from 4 pm to 5.30 pm.

Return of the sea fishing boats

Guided visit for the return of the sea-fishing boats
Learn about the port, the types of fish that can be caught at sea, a film about fishing and the chance to meet some of those who make their living here.
Monday at 7.30 pm.

To book, call Penmarc'h Tourist Office: Tel. 02 98 58 81 44

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